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 How it works

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PostSubject: How it works   18th September 2010, 6:34 pm

Hello, Here you can report hacking players/spammers/server advertisers/Breaking-Rule Players/glitching players.

How To:
*Tell The Player's Name
*Tell What he've did wrong
*Why we should ban him(in some cases)
*Give A Proof(picture/video)

Without Proof, it will be hard to convince us, exept if someone declares he have seen the same hacker at the same time.... but again, we cannot be sure.

Please note that:
*People With Miniguns are not always Hackers(they could have won it in a mini-game/draw or bought it)
*People That doesn't loose health are not always hackers(they could have bonuses on or lag)
*Same as above applies with vehicles

Thanks for reporting Very Happy
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How it works
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